Certified & Sworn Interpreting Services

Interpreting services are another services that we provide for our clients who need interpreting / verbal translation services. Unlike in the case of text translation services, interpreting services require specific fluency and intelligence in directly conveying a meaning of the source messages to the client.

To that end, an interpreter must really have the required skills and also must master all the vocabulary that in carrying out his duties he can properly and fluently convey the true meaning of the source messages being communicated to the client.

Our interpreting services are delivered in all languages, such as English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, French and any other foreign languages. These interpreting services consist of 2 types of services, i.e. non-sworn interpreting services and sworn interpreting services.

Non-sworn Interpreting Services
These interpreting services are generally intended to assist our clients in negotiating a business deal, to provide tourist guidance and so forth.

Sworn Interpreting Services
Interpreting / verbal translation services that are specifically intended for very official purposes, such as in a trial in court. Submission of a claim to an agency varies greatly and can be negotiated according to the client’s needs.

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