About Us

Globanet Translation

Globalnet is a nationally recognized translation services agency that provide translation and interpreting services. We have become the choice of the government and a number of companies for translation and interpreting services. Our ability to translate to and from many foreign languages has made us a complete translation and interpreting services provider. We have much experience in handling translation projects of all sizes and are a one-stop solution for any organizations that look for superior translation and interpreting services at very competitive prices.

Globalnet is committed to provide high-quality translation and interpreting services to you in Jakarta and Bodetabekar at the most competitive prices. We are always prepared to provide you with high-quality translations for all types of your documents.

Here are the types of documents that we translate into all languages: Deeds (Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death), Family Cards, Passports, Academic Documents (Certificates, Report Cards, Transcripts), Financial Statements, Work Regulations, Articles of Association, Operational Standards, Manuals, Minutes of Meetings (General, Directors), Employment Contracts, Work Plans, etc.

Contact us for more information on translation services for the above types of documents and any other documents.